Executive Team

Accor has a dedicated team of experts committed to reducing costs and increasing revenues for your hotels. Your dedicated Operations Manager will assist your hotels management teams leverage these experts and their relevant departments to ensure your hotels benefit  and maintain a competitive advantage in the following areas:

  • Sales, Distribution and Revenue
  • Digital Commerce
  • Loyalty
  • Marketing Communications
  • Guest Experience
  • Procurement

Lindsay Leeser

Senior Vice President Development & Franchise Pacific

It’s the team that makes Accor such an effective option for franchise hotels.

“By joining the Accor group, you gain access to leaders in their respective fields, from marketing and distribution specialists to customer relations and procurement experts.

Our Franchise team will help you develop close relationships with key departments and managers, because they can really make a difference for your property.

That relationship starts even before a franchise agreement is signed because we want to ensure we get the framework right from the start. We understand that each hotel has different operating conditions and marketing objectives, so my Franchise team will work out what’s the best fit for your hotel.

“It’s the team that makes Accor such an effective option for franchise hotels, and while we are a large organisation, our Franchise team will ensure that you have regular access to the group’s range of industry specialists to help you make the most of the partnership.”

Renae Trimble

Senior Vice President Commercial Pacific

In a world where hotels are facing increased competition along with rapidly rising OTA commissions, having access to dynamic, effective loyalty programs has never been more important.

With LeClub AccorHotels and AccorPlus, Accor can reach over 19 million travellers worldwide and1.5 million travellers in Australia, giving the group’s hotels access to a vast market that already knows and supports Accors’ brands.

Renae Trimble and Accors’ Loyalty team have developed an all-encompassing customer centric culture that makes guests aware that loyalty is truly rewarded, with innovative and targeted campaigns keeping members loyal and continually engaged.

“Loyalty members stay at hotels twice as often and spend three times as much as other travellers, and with Accor offering the widest selection of hotels and locations, our loyalty programs can really influence travellers’ hotel choices. Whether it is to drive weekend business or increase food and beverage sales, hotels can utilise Accor’s loyalty programs to attract new business and retain existing guests.”

Nicolas Gronier

Vice President Marketing, Pacific

In almost 25 years of operating in Australia and New Zealand – and some 50 years globally – Accor has built a collection of brands that resonate strongly with all segments of the market.

Accor has evolved its brands to reflect changing trends and guests’ expectations. Complementing the physical brand presence is a comprehensive local, national and global marketing strategy that aims to maximise both occupancy and yield.

Being part of an Accor's brand gives individual properties access to an extensive program of strategic marketing and communications activities. Hotels can grow their business through participation in brand marketing campaigns, direct marketing, sponsorships and national promotions, as well as through relationship marketing, loyalty and partner reward programs.


Chris Mills

Vice President Digital, Loyalty & Guest Experience Pacific

In the last decade the digital revolution has changed the face of the hotel industry and its ability to reach customers.

Accor offers the most comprehensive digital platform for its hotels. This goes well beyond being a leader in search engine optimisation and marketing, it is aimed at creating an authentic engagement with guests – from the start of their research through to the booking confirmation, and then to the follow-up stage to ensure repeat business.

All.Accor.com has become the world’s most sophisticated hotel booking site, and with the group’s breadth and range of hotels in Australia and beyond, it is the best-equipped site to attract direct bookings.

Under Chris Mills’ direction, Accor's digital strategy has delivered considerable success in attracting and building direct corporate, conference and leisure business. Working with partners and utilising Accor’s extensive network, All.Accor.com has become one of the region’s top-ranking travel sites, and the group is forecasting even stronger digital traffic in the future as a result of new innovations to the group’s mobile and web distribution platforms.

“Technology has transformed our industry, but it is still the people behind the technology that matter most of all. We are always looking at new opportunities, new trends and new distribution channels to grow our direct business, and through the development of Accor's digital capability we can play an instrumental role in the traveller’s experience from the start to the end of their journey.”

Kevin Milner

Director of Procurement + Food & Beverage Strategy Australia

Effective procurement can be much more than just reducing costs, it can ensure that your hotel gets access to the highest-quality goods and services and helps build a competitive advantage.

Sam Angelico

National Procurement Manager

In Accor's Procurement Department, Sam Angelico is one of the industry’s sharpest buyers. He has established a tremendous reputation for securing quality purchasing agreements while also ensuring the highest standards.

Whether it be buying quality wine at substantially reduced prices from Australia’s most iconic wine producers, or securing great deals for electricity, gas, communications and laundry services, Sam and the procurement team are here to help boost your profitability.

“It is not just about Accor’s size, it is about the long term relationships we have built with suppliers that allows us to negotiate the best deals for our hotels.

“We work with each hotel to make sure they have the products that best suit their operating needs and then source them at the best price.”

Claire Haigh

Director of Communications Accor Pacific

Public perception of a hotel, its brand and owners is principally defined by coverage in the press and online media, and Accor has access to the most powerful and dynamic in-house media team in Australia and New Zealand.

Covering trade, consumer, broadcast and online media, Accor's Public Relations and Communications team develops and implements PR strategies that consistently grow the reputation of AccorHotels, its brands and the group’s individual hotels.

Accor’s media team, led by the experienced Angela Cowley, has developed strong relations with media across the region, as well as national, state and local tourism bodies, airlines and tourism operators to maximise publicity opportunities for Accor in the media.

“A positive review in the press is still one of the most important drivers of reputation. We have been able to attract numerous high-level media to hotels and work with the property to build a memorable experience. We are also here to provide professional guidance and recommendations for any media-related issues.”

Di Morgan

Director of Guest Experience

The power of the consumer’s voice has never been louder, with digital communications enabling every guest to be a hotel reviewer and ‘influencer’. Receiving instant feedback and responding appropriately has been embraced totally by Accor, with a range of channels established to “listen” to guests and help hotels meet ever-changing expectations.

Accor’s Guest Relations department plays a key role in the delivery of quality services through the organisation. Recognising the impact of the ‘Net Promoter’, Guest Relations steps in to address any issues involving a stay and starts a dialogue between the guest and hotel to mediate a satisfactory resolution.

“Being responsive and empathetic to both guests and hotels is fundamental to my job. Reputation is undoubtedly still one of the most influential factors in people’s decisions to stay at a particular hotel or with a particular brand, and with social media so easily available, one person’s view has the potential to influence hundreds of others.

“That’s why Guest Relations is such an integral component of the Accor product offer. We listen closely to our guests not only to respond quickly and appropriately, but to use the information to help make systemic improvements in hotel operations.”